Friday September 21, 2001

Lawsuit Filed for HIV-Positive Teen



MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Federal officials have sued a grocery store on behalf of a 16-year-old who says she was fired from her job bagging groceries because she has the AIDS virus.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued on behalf of Korrin Krause, who complained she was fired in February after one day on the job.

Krause alleges the store violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, which bars employers from asking about workers' HIV status, or discriminating against those with the virus.

The lawsuit seeks Krause's reinstatement with lost pay, along with compensatory and punitive damages.

Krause was born with the virus that causes AIDS.

The commission concluded in May there was reasonable cause to believe a violation had occurred and invited both sides to work on a settlement. Negotiations are ongoing.

An attorney for Quality Foods IGA did not immediately return a call Friday.

Bernard Enkro, the store's owner, has denied the teen was fired. He has said Krause was offered a clerical job when the store found out she was HIV positive, and that the offer was made to protect her own health.

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