Justin was a precocious young man who often found himself either hurt or angered over the inequities and prejudices that so many of his fellow humans suffered.  He had a truly kind compassionate heart.  

HIV negative and never having contact with any individuals that were either HIV+ or had AIDS, Justin viewed the televised biography on the life of the late poet and AIDS activist Paul Monette and it had a moving and very profound effect on him.   The movie was an awakening and after viewing it he seemed to truly empathize with the pandemics victims. 

In a conversation I had with Justin right after viewing the Monette biography his words were  "I had never really given that much thought to AIDS other than how not to get it until watching that program.  It gives a little glimpse of what it's like for the victims." 

Moments after viewing "Paul Monette: Brink of Summer's End" before the tears on his 14 year old cheeks had a chance to dry he was inspired to write a poem which he dedicated to Paul Monette titled "INSPIRED". 

Rest in Peace My Young Friend ........Your time was short but you did an excellent job while here.

"We'll miss you Justy" 


Many of Justin's on-line friends have eulogized him, left their thoughts or expressed their heartache over his departure at:  A SONG FOR JUSTIN

The following page was created  by Justin and includes his poem "Inspired" dedicated to Paul Monette. 

Dedicated to Paul Monette

Writer, poet and AIDS activist. Died in 1995 from AIDS with his third lover at his side, having watched his first two die of the same disease.

"In the face of injustice, not to be angry, is injustice."
                                                                                 ......Paul Monette

"Go without hate, but not without rage. Heal the world."
                                                                                  .......Paul Monette

Too cold to live,
too cold to die.
too cold to fall,
and too cold to fly.
The cold bears not on skin,
because frozen is the heart.
The icy circles are run,
only to finish where we start.
We run for reason,
we run from our lives.
We run away from others,
to sprint to the lies.
We feel guilt to the world,
not good enough in its eyes.
For the world bears the frost,
to inflict the cold we despise.
So fight the world!
Break the chains it cruelly bears!
Your heart and rage are all that stand,
to fight this world's heirs.

...Justin David Vaughn

To note, the above poem was written by me minutes after watching "Paul Monette: Brink of Summer's End" and obviously inspired by the two quotes above it. I recommend eveyone watche that show. Movies very, VERY, rarely make me cry. It certainly did though. Several times. If you can gain nothing else from reading any of the above or from watching that show, then simply carry with you the message: CHANGE SOMETHING