There are definitely more pleasant ways to spend one's time rather then reading about this terrible disease which one way or another has effected every living being on this planet.  Ignoring it will not make it go away.  In dealing with this pandemic ignorance is not only foolhardy it is dangerous!  BE INFORMED and BE SAFE.

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The purpose of this site is to provide the reader with a central indexed archive of easily retrievable, recently published articles that cover the many aspects of the Aids pandemic. The articles archived here are intended to keep you informed and up to date on the AIDS pandemic and to provide a source of information on the human toll AIDS continues to take. 

You will find articles that cover the Medical and Scientific developments from the first reported cases to the present resurgence.

Many articles in the archives deal with Political and Social consequences of this pandemic.  These articles cover the varied social and political consequences this pandemic has on societies throughout the world including how the action or inaction of their governments and politicians in dealing with the devastation of the pandemic has effected it's populace. 

To begin to comprehend the human tragedy of AIDS, read the personal stories and interviews in the Biographical section that were written by or about those who are/were dealing with HIV/AIDS and those who have lost Family Members, Lovers, Life's Partners and Friends.

One excellent chronology in the archives is:  AIDS at 20: The Long, Cruel Journey Isn't Over by Karen Ocamp from Frontiers News Magazine.  This informative article covers the AIDS pandemic from the first misdiagnosed cases in 1979 to the new millennium.  It explains in human terms the catastrophic human toll that AIDS has caused over the past 20 years.

Ryan White

Ryan White was not a number or a statistic. He was a wonderful, bright child who suffered from the ignorance and prejudice of not only his classmates but their parents, his teachers and his school administrators. A hemophiliac he was infected with the disease in the early days before any medical / scientific progress had been made to lengthen the life's of those infected with HIV.  Never losing his charm or sense of humor he fought valiantly against prejudice and ignorance as he battled his own infection. He passed away on April 8, 1990 from AIDS. 

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These are not just numbers

Ryan was not just a number, just ask his mother who has continued on as an AIDs advocate or for that matter ask the mothers of the other 26 million who have lost their lifes to this pandemic.  Not one mother will remember her child and describe him or her as a number or a statistic.  Every Advance on the AIDS Counter represents another human being who just like you was somebody's son or daughter, brother or sister, mother, father or lover.

In August 1990, Congress signed the Ryan White CARE Act and in doing so created a system of services that has greatly improved the quality and availability of health care services for people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Those of you who are young and have not been touched by this disease should take the time to read what is archived here. Learn and absorb what the previous generation has endured. Most of you who are recently coming of age are aware of HIV and AIDS and hopefully have the knowledge and the good sense to take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting it. BE INFORMED and BE SAFE or history may repeat itself.


"By the time we understood what was happening  our friends and acquaintances were dying in our arms."



In the beginning this was known as a Gay disease. That was and is an untruth. The virus that causes AIDS does not discriminate!  If you are unsafe the virus that causes AIDS could care less about the gender of who you choose to be intimate with or Love. The numbers of heterosexuals being infected with this disease exceeds that of homosexuals or bisexuals by far. IGNORANCE IS DANGEROUS - BE INFORMED! Gays were hit especially hard in the early days of AIDS and this pandemic has changed how they relate to each other and how they relate to society. Read these articles and you will begin to comprehend the depth of despair and the militant reactions born out of fear, government inaction and to this day continuing prejudices.

We shall continue to archive relevant news articles, editorials and any other information we believe consistent with keeping you informed of the AIDS pandemic until it is over.

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