Experimental AIDS Drug
said to be 2 million times more potent than AZT

from the ADVOCATE



Researchers at the Pharmaceutical University in Geneva announced Tuesday that they have developed an experimental HIV medication that is 2 million times more potent than AZT, the world’s most commonly used AIDS medication, Agence France-Presse reports.

According to a university statement, the drug, known as NU-1320, prevents HIV from multiplying by prohibiting the virus from inserting its genetic code into the DNA of infected immune-system cells. The experimental drug also is reported to have a low level of toxicity.

However, the statement says, the medication does not appear effective against drug-resistant strains of HIV and would therefore need to be used as a first-line therapy in HIV-positive people. NU-1320 is currently licensed for development to French company Mayoly Spindler and is estimated to be at least six years from reaching the consumer market.